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Astrobus has been through many versions, now its a shell for other skins or custumes as well.  The first will be The Pickle.  Name actually after my dog, but we have not seen many food based mutant vehicles on the playa.  We will have delicious pickles, spicy jalepenos, salty good okra to help revive your electrolights.  Why else would you follow a giant pickle on the playa?  For pickles!   Okay it'll look better than this for sure.  

The Pickle will be a steel wire frame over the PVC, but not too far because the light show needs to come through.  It will feature slits in the front and rear that passengers can access the doors.  We will use a lighter mesh or screen for the upper windows  to similate a continuous pickle.  


Constructed out of pigmented PVC, which means that the color will never come out because its part of the PVC, its not painted.  This was used because we didn't was to leave traces of paint everywhere and we ere tired of colorless art on the Playa at daytime, which is why the Pickle needs to be bright green.  You can see the PVC starts on the Aluminum frame of the original golf cart.  Lights have not been installed at this stage.  October 2016

Original Concept:  Its a space bus built for land.  In space colonies, the vehicles need to be small to fit in small spaces, especially parking at camp.  


Every aspect of the visual experience can be controlled, adjusted.  

Freezerburn January 2017

Freezerburn Jan 2017

Displaying "Purple Rain", is actually a video of rain on a window, with purple tint added made in honor of Prince.  On display at Green Elephant Bar, Dallas.

Lighting Systems:


  • The Astrobus uses a Pixlight 16 Controller from Advatek Lighting, Austrailia on a wired network for greated reliability even though a wireless network is used often to program from inside shelter.  

  • A laptop with Lighjams Software which turns video into a signal using ArcNet.  

  • It uses 1400 pixlights from Advatek, many are custom cut and wired.  

  • Uses mp4, windows media or quicktime files to display videos.

  • Samples of visuals: fire, fractals, flags, matrix (green numbers) 

Watertight & Air Filtration


  • A laptop in Control Box One with Lighjams Software which turns video into a signal using ArcNet.

  • Waterproof & Airtight

  • Carbon filters filter air

  • Fans move air, only 90" and above

  • Houses wireless network

  • Prewired with DMX

  • Prewired with Balanced Line Outputs fo PA soundsystem

  • Laptop sits in suspension systm for shock, also allows any moisture and dust to fall to bottom out of laptops reach

  • GFC Protecte circuits

  • Distributres 120 power system

Space Rainbow is our favorite program, its speed varies with the vehicles speed!

  • Added Video Effects can be overlayed such as this roll program its speed is music sensitive, which is controlled by a Nintendo Wii Remote Control. Other cool programs:

  • Speed of Programs

  • Added Chromodepth 3D Program

  • Headlights / Brake Lights / Turn Signals

  • Roll Programs, syncs with music beats nearby

  • Swipes that run to the beat of music nearby

Interactive Features:


  • Participant can use WII remote to control speed, and layering of programs

  • Camera inside allows participants/passengers to alter the video using their motions.

  • Visually captivativing, shows last up to 4 hours of non repeating patters. 

  • Runs up to 48 hours uninterrupted, autonomously if needed

  • Chomadepth 3D Program gives added 3D effects when using the Chomadepth 3D Glasses

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